Bellewren Ltd - Appointment No Show Policy 2022

Please note a company policy is in place where a £40 appointment deposit is charged for customers wanting to rebook fitting appointments after a previous missed/no show appointment.


This appointment deposit payment of £40 will be sent as a text or email payment request shortly after a rebooked appointment has been made - ONLY for clients who have a previous 'no show' within 18 months on our system 

This payment is then *refunded on the day* against your purchases - should the rebooked appointment also be missed then the deposit is not refunded. 


Payment for this deposit is due within 48 hours of your appointment being booked - should the deposit not be completed the booking is then cancelled on our system and the original £10 online booking deposit is non refundable.


This policy has been put in place to cover us as a small business where missed appointments mean hours of staff time are potentially unpaid due to no show/missed appointments.

For queries relating to our no show booking deposit policy, please get in touch via our website contact page.